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23.03.2020  |  

Continuation of immigration matters in Austria. The Austrian authorities published procedures for immigration processes in the context of COVID-19. 

Immigration procedures are continuing in Austria under specific conditions although personal service has been suspended until further notice.

MOVES Consulting your specialist in residence and work permits, global mobility and relocation management:

  • We are legitimated and specialized in receiving, preparing and submitting applications for you and your employees! 
  • An email to us is adequate for us to become active for you.
  • Our team of currently 5 persons is available for you. We have set up our remote office for you 10 days ago and are available by phone and E-Mail.

First applications for applied for in Austria

  • If documents still have to be submitted subsequently for the
  • initial application, this can currently be done by e-mail or post only.

Persons with residence -/ work permits in Austria

  • If a person made an initial application and no longer entitled to stay in Austria but cannot leave the country due to the current situation: an additional application must be submitted in accordance with § 21 (3) of the Settlement and Residence Act. This must be done electronically or by post service right in time!
  • Applications for extension of residence permits:  Applications for renewal be submitted in writing by e-mail or post to the authority right in time!
  • Application for extension of work permit: one can continue to work if an extension request is made in time before the expiry date!
  • If you are currently abroad and cannot return to Austria: Renewal applications by e-mail or post to the authorities in Austria urgently. If a residence permit has already expired, contact the authority in Austria or the Austrian Embassy or Consulate. 


With a timely application, the further stay in Austria is legal and criminal proceedings will not be initiated. When the authorities resume normal personal services, they will make an appointment for the necessary personal visit (taking fingerprints and presenting documents).

Issue of the residence permit

  • The sending and collection of residence permits will continue to be possible under certain conditions by registered mail and in some cases even personally. Questions will be an answered by telephone or in writing (by e-mail or post).

Applications submitted to the Austrian foreign missions

  • If documents still have to be submitted subsequently for the initial
  • application, this can currently be done by e-mail or post only.

Visa D for the residence permit 

  • There can be delays before the personal service will start to operate
  • again. The Austrian foreign missions will answer requests by phone or by email.

Visa D for entry into Austria already obtained

  • With the status of March 18, 2020, 5:00 p.m., entry into Austria is still possible under consideration of the required medical evidence. 
  • Due to the current situation, it is strongly recommended to carefully consider the necessity of travel.

We are in constant contact with the authorities. Please do not hesitate to contact us for processing your applications with us!


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