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Bring your professionals to Germany and Austria easily and successfully!

Discover how we can support your employee relocation.

Immigration Documents Program

Immigration Documents Program

Master the complexity of immigration in a fast-changing world! Entrust your foreign employee immigration process to us and save time and money for your business.

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Onboarding Program

Onboarding Program

The biggest risk in international onboarding of future employees is taken by the HR manager. Through us this danger is eliminated.

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Relocation Program

Relocation Program

Having a prepared "nest" to come to can ensure satisfied and highly motivated future international employees. Our immigration consultants help your prospective employees with all matters concerning living in Austria and Germany: home search, rent, insurance, public administration, school and kindergarten search and much more.

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Where to start?

Discover our initial counseling services.

Moves Consulting

Consulting Session

Learn everything you need to know about the process of applying for any kind of permit (Intra Corporate Transfer (ICT), Red-White-Red Card, Blue Card Germany).

Price: 150 EUR/hour

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Informative Session - Housing Market

In our informative session on the housing market you will learn where and how to find a new home, what to consider regarding the rental law and how the rental market is structured.

Price: 85 EUR

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Moves Consulting
Moves Consulting

Jobseeker Advice

Very often, we receive requests from jobseekers from all over the world who are looking for a job in Austria and Germany.

Therefore, we offer 2 versions of information packages:

One-hour Jobseeker Session

In this one-hour jobseeker session, you will:

  • discover valuable information about the local labor market
  • find out what employers expect from candidates
  • get a quick review of your CV with an oral feedback
  • learn how to present yourself to employers
  • receive an extensive list of the popular recruitment platforms

Price: 135 EUR incl. VAT (online or one-on-one session)

Jobseeker Consulting Package

From the Jobseeker Consulting Package, you will:

  • develop your individual job application strategy
  • work intensively on your CV and adapt it to the local demands
  • get instruction on writing cover letters
  • receive an extensive list of the popular recruitment platforms
  • learn useful tips about job interviews
  • receive self-presentation sessions
  • get assistance on identifying the ideal employer
  • discover valuable information on the local labor market
  • find out what employers expect from candidates

Price: 5 Sessions - 610 EUR incl. VAT (online or one-on-one sessions)

This is how to bring your professionals to Germany and Austria!

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