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Work Permit - Residence Permit

Immigration into the EU is a highly complex process. Countless laws, guidelines, and general conditions must be observed. This is especially true for the Skilled Worker Programs:

Intra Corporate Transfer (ICT), Blue Card EU, Red - White - Red Card, operational postings.

We have been told by many of our clients how much their companies struggle with these requirements and the ongoing changes by lawmakers; and they recognize that they come up against these same barriers time and time again.

Why not have these problems solved for you by a team of immigration consultants?

Work Permit - Residence Permit

With Moves consulting, you can save valuable time, focus on your daily business operations and look forward to the day when you can greet your new employees on site.

We hold a license to represent our clients legally at the public authorities. We help you define the right permits, collect all the required documentation, and we submit the application to the relevant authorities with whom we work closely on a regular basis.

We take the burden away from HR managers for the whole employee immigration process, which saves them a lot of time and effort. We take care of all matters concerning your employee relocation and contact the HR managers only 3 times in the process – the first time we place the order and exchange details, the second time they sign the prepared forms and provide documents, and the third time they receive information on the date when their employee will arrive at their workplace.

We are certified immigration consultants and we offer relocation services for many years now. Therefore, we are fully aware of the latest legislation. Most importantly, we know all the steps in document application process and how to make the immigration processes run properly, thus ensuring our clients’ employees are at the right place, at the right time, and in possession of all the required immigration documentation (ICT, Blue Card Germany, Red-White-Red Card and/or Secondment Permits).

Our services include the organisation and coordination of all certifications, translations, official authorizations, etc. We continuously support you and your employees until they are in possession of their work and residence permits.

MOVES consulting specialize in representing the clients at the public authorities and taking care of 100% of these concerns by making sure your employees are in possession of the necessary residence and work permits – this we guarantee!

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What our clients tell

"The detail, heart and passion that goes into your customers is AMAZING!! You are a true professional and we feel that you are part of our family and that is because you look for ways to help in any way to make us feel comfortable."

Sean Jones
Manager at Rexair LLC, USA

„I just wanted to take this time to say a big thank you for all your efforts with helping us adjust to Vienna. Your service has been wonderful, you made finding our apartment very quick and easy. Not only was it so easy, but you found us a beautiful apartment and we honestly couldn’t be happier. It has just been so pleasant since moving here and a lot of that is due to the professional and reliable service that you provide. I do appreciate the fact that I can call you anytime if I have a problem, it is nice to know there is someone i can turn to if needed.“

A. Kenny and S. Fearn
Australia - NABUCCO

„Individueller Relocation Service mit Problemlösungs-Garantie! Fr. Epping hat sich vom ersten Kontakt an äußerst kundenorientiert gezeigt und ihre Consultancy auf unsere Wünsche abgestimmt. Insbesondere unser Briefing für die Wohnungssuche hat Fr. Epping zum Maßstab für ihre qualitativ sehr hochwertige und erfolgreiche Suche nach einer geeigneten Bleibe gemacht. Neben dem professionellen Service, haben meine Frau und ich auch die stets freundliche und persönliche Art von Frau Epping sehr geschätzt.“

K.-U. Bendix
GF CEE Beiersdorf GmbH

„Everything was fantastic. The detail, heart and passion that goes into your customers is AMAZING!! There was NEVER a time when you did not get back to me in a rapid manner. You are a true professional and we feel that you are part of our family and that is because you made us feel like part of your family. Also the way you look for ways to help in any way to make us feel comfortable. A company that has a true passion to help others.Your special attention to your customers needs and wants is fantastic.“

S. Jones and family
Rexair USA

„The best thing to tell would be the cordial help that we got from MOVES consulting. During our move to Vienna, they were willing to answer all of our questions via mail or telephone. They were easy to reach and did return to us whenever it was necessary to. They helped my wife and daughter after they arrived in Vienna for formal issues as well as getting adapted to the city life. They showed great effort to help us in all manners, beyond her contract issues.“

G. Süzal
Controller Verbund International

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