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International Recruitment: Hurdles, Cultural Differences and Tips

17.03.2023  |  Application, Helpful, Relocation Information

International Recruiting: Hurdles, Cultural Differences and Tips

In today's globalised world, hiring employees from other countries has become a necessity for many companies. However, hiring international professionals can be challenging. In this article, Michael, an experienced senior IT recruiter, shares his insights and tips on overcoming hurdles and cultural differences in international IT recruitment.

Hurdles in the process of international IT recruitment

One of the biggest hurdles in international IT recruitment is immigration law. The US has strict immigration laws that make it difficult to hire qualified employees from other countries. Companies often have to go through an extensive process to obtain a work permit for a foreign employee. This can take time and resources and slow down the hiring process.

Another obstacle is the limited availability of resources. Companies often have to invest money and time to find and recruit applicants from other countries. The need for extensive operational processes, especially for large companies, can also be a barrier.

Cultural differences in international IT recruitment

The differences in the way European and American employees work can be a cultural barrier. American employees are often more focused on quick results and have a greater willingness to take risks. European employees, on the other hand, often place more emphasis on work-life balance and careful planning.

A detailed description of the work environment and tasks is crucial to avoid false expectations. Cultural differences in terms of working style, working hours and working environment should be taken into account. It is important that companies and applicants communicate openly and honestly with each other and clearly define expectations.

Tips for successful international recruiting

Companies can optimise their job advertisements to successfully recruit new employees. A clear and concise description of the requirements and expectations of the job is important. It is also helpful to describe the company and its culture to attract applicants who are a good fit for the company.

Another important tip is to carefully screen applicants from other countries to ensure they have the required qualifications and skills. Companies should also adopt the perspective of the authorities and ensure that all legal requirements are met.


International recruiting can be challenging, but with the right preparation and planning, companies can successfully hire employees from other countries.

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