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update: Skilled Worker Immigration Germany and Austria

01.05.2023  |  Application, European Visas, Helpful, Jobseeker

Dear fellow readers,

In our today's newsletter we would like to present the latest developments on the new skilled labour immigration in Germany and Austria.

Skilled Professional Immigration to Germany:

In March 2023, the German government passed the new Skilled Workers Act. However, the new Skilled Workers Immigration Bill still needs to be ratified by the Bundesrat before it enters into force.

This Skilled Workers Immigration Act will bring some changes for skilled workers from abroad.

The so-called "opportunity card" is intended to make it easier to enter Germany for skilled employment. Also, employment of up to 20 hours per week while looking for a job is now allowed. In addition, skilled workers can do trial work with an employer for up to two weeks to get to know each other.

Another change concerns the German university degree, which is now recognized for any qualified employment, regardless of the category of degree. Companies in the area of shortage occupations will also be allowed to use short-term employment in future to cover their need for skilled workers.

The Western Balkans scheme was also extended until the end of 2023, but the quota remains at 25,000 per year.

Skilled Professional Immigration to Austria:

In Austria, there are also some innovations for skilled workers.

Since October 2023, employers have been allowed to submit applications for accompanying families to the competent authorities at the same time as the application for the domestic worker.

The minimum salary for key workers and graduates who have graduated from an Austrian university has changed. The new salaries for 2023 are:

- Blue Card € 44,395 EUR/year gross.

- RWR Card all categories € 2,835/month

- University graduate - minimum salary according to the collective agreement, corresponding to the overpayment customary in the company.

IT professionals with at least three years of recognised professional experience can now apply for a Blue Card. Thanks to this change in the law, we have already been able to help numerous corporate clients successfully immigrate their skilled workers since October 2022.

Some things have also been made easier as far as the documents to be submitted are concerned. Birth certificates are no longer required and language certificates are now valid for 5 years.

Work experience is now recognized on a six-month basis and English as a company language increases the number of points to be achieved by 5. In addition, the age limit has been raised and applicants over 40 but under 50 now receive 5 points.

Skilled workers who work in Austria for at least one year with an EU Blue Card and then lose their job or want to change companies can already start at the new company, even if the change of purpose procedure for the "new" EU Blue Card has not yet been completed.

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