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Purchase Power Analysis – how to compare living expenses all over the world

23.07.2015  |  Relocation Information

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If you are an HR Manager and responsable for Executive/Expat Management, you are responsible to negotiate the fringe benefits and relocation package for your expats, too? You might need a Purchase Power Analyis. Then this Information might be useful:

How do you compensate different living costs, loss of purchase power or higher housing costs of your expats? For example if an Austrian Top Manager moves to New Yord, everybody knows that Apartments in NY are extremely expensive. Or if you look over to Australia where you pay a wealth for a bottle of wine.

In many big companies the UBS Analysis is in use. But sometimes this source of information is way too expensive for a company – especially if we talk about SMEs. Expats as well as the Human Resource ask: „How much will the housing costs and living expenses differ from the  home country?“ In this case, MOVES consulting Relocation Service knows the answer. We use a self expanding platform which is constantly updated by expats around the world. Expats contribute to it with their experience and add  type, size, price of various goods, services or real estate, Apartments etc. We create from these entries a  purchase power analysis, which is already used by manyof our customers.

You can use this analysis for comparing your local place with every place in the world with regard to purchase power, loss or win of income, housing costs and living expenses and much more. One can see immediately what is more expensive  and what is cheaper than at home.

We use it to update our hand-outs for our clients – a list of products of an average basket of food, drugstore products and accommodation.

Companies use this analysis as a source of Information in order to create their fringe benefit packages, by considering the loss or win of purchase power for example.

Do you need more information or want us to support you for your indvidual analysis?

Purchasing Power Analysis

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