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Applicants for Jobseeker Visa are expected to proof eligibility!

09.04.2016  |  Application, European Visas, Relocation Information

Germany and Austria are among the most popular countries

among the expats, highly skilled professionals and jobseekers from around the world. Reason is the high quality of life, the stable social system and high salaries.

But not every international expert is fortunate to work for a huge international company that deploys him as an expat to other countries.In order to still have a chance for an international career and to get one of the coveted jobs in these countries, both Germany and Austria have introduced the Jobseeker Visa. This kind of Visa is part of the Blue Card EU program in Germany as well as the Austrian Red-White-Red Card.

Jobseeker Migration

Migration to Germany

1.149.045 people migrated to Germany In 2014. 518.802 of them came from outside Schengen Area. And only 7 % out of these 518.802 migrated to Germany with the purpose to work there.The expected number of applications for EU Blue Card and red-white-red card and thus the interception of skill shortages were still not satisfied. The situation is similar in Austria. The Austrian and Germany Labor Market is still in need for very high skilled professionals.

Are you eligible for a Jobseeker Visa?

Highly qualified Master graduates who meet the criteria of the country are eligible to apply for a Jobseeker visa.

For Austria you can check your eligibility with the points calculator: http://www.migration.gv.at/en/types-of-immigration/permanent-immigration-red-white-red-card/very-highly-qualified-workers.html

The German immigration law requires a university degree that is recognized in Germany and as well as sufficient financial resources to contest the livelihood. Find more information here: www.make-it-in-germany.com

Applicants for Jobseeker Visa are expected to proof their eligibility!

One of the major criteria to proof eligibility is, that the applicant for a Jobseeker Visa has to proof the purpose of his stay. Major proof has to be that he is already in contact with German or Austrian employers. As when applying for a Jobseeker visa the applicant must proof that he is seriously seeking a workplace rather than just looking for a way to get a simplified or extended visit / tourist visa. It is expected that contacts with potential employers were already made and who have also expressed interest in an application. Usually this is shown by a serious invitation for a specific job interview. The purpose of stay stated in the application for Jobseeker Visa thus has to represent traceability.

How to meet the criteria

You can proof your eligibity by showing interest in the country, its culture and language. One gesture is very appreciated: start learning German at home already and submit a level A1 language certificate. In order to find potential employers and get the needed invitation for Job interviews, you can do research through social media and job provider platforms. Some of you might want to reach their goals even faster and easier?! Look for support from persons who offer professional Career Consulting and Coaching.  They provide their services in many languages and in the most versatile formats: via email, via telephone or Video-Skype. Example: http://www.moves-consulting.com/design-my-career/

The candidate will be supported, guided and advised with all the necessary knowledge to make contact with potential employers in the destination country and obtain invitations to job interviews.

The German and the Austrian government provide information on their immigration portals as well: www.migration.gv.at  or www.make-it-in-germany.com

After the Jobseeker found an employer during his stay, he can apply for the Blue Card EU or red-white-red card immediately without returning to his home Country.

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