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Skilled Worker Immigration: Shortage Occupation versus Other Key Worker

24.10.2022  |  European Visas

Today I found these interesting questions from a customer regarding skilled worker in shortage occupation vs other skilled worker in my mailbox:

It is clearly defined which professions are listed as "shortage professions". Depending on which country in the world you want to apply for a work and residence permit, the local labor authority defines which occupations are included in this list.

A shortage occupation or bottleneck occupation is defined as an occupation when there is a significant shortage of workers to fill vacancies in that occupation.

1: What about "other key workers", what occupations/roles fall into this group?

Answer: For example, can an electrician who has not graduated from a technical school but has many years of experience in this field and receives a contract with a minimum monthly gross salary of €2,835 (2022 Austria) apply for "Other key workers"?

in this case it is unfortunately impossible to apply for a skilled worker visa.

The minimum requirement is a university degree or a completed education in the requested profession.

Only Germany is currently discussing whether it wants to facilitate immigration: a key worker with a successfully completed education outside the profession but relevant professional experience in the requested profession should be able to obtain a work visa in the future. The decision on this will probably take some time.

2) In the qualification "Skilled workers in shortage occupations" it says "...can prove a completed vocational training in a shortage occupation according to the ordinance"; are there any criteria for the duration of this course? For example, can it be a three-month training or should it be more?

Answer: yes, there are criteria and no, 3 month courses are not sufficient. Vocational training means either a completed university degree or a completed apprenticeship. Completed means: diploma/certificate after successful final examination.

In addition, there is the rule of so-called "equivalence". This means that the vocational training acquired abroad must correspond to the training in the target country, i.e. it must be equivalent in terms of content and duration. Whether a training is equivalent can be easily checked by yourself via ANABIN: Here you can check the training institute as well as the training itself, if it is a university training.

In the case of apprenticeships, for example, in Germany the respective state chamber of commerce is responsible.

In Austria this is the Ministry of Education

3. if the training is completed at a later point in time, will the experience gained before the training be taken into account when calculating the points?

Answer: No, only after the training is completed will the work in that profession be recognized as relevant work experience.

4. If a person has worked in the same field during military service (and receives a certificate at the end), is that year counted as training, as work experience, or as neither?

Answer: If vocational training was successfully completed beforehand, this time can be counted as work experience. This will be examined by the relevant authorities in individual cases.

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