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30 Jul, 2015  |  Relocation Information

Expecting a registered letter?

Expecting a registered letter? Did the postman leave a yellow sheet to your po box? Very often, my expat-clients tell me that they are upset. Because they did not receive any notification about the registered letter that was sent to them by the public authority....


29 Jul, 2015  |  Relocation Information

Social Insurance paid from your salary? How to get money back when the time comes and you will return to your home country.

Since 1.5.2010 the EU regulation Bi 883/2004 is used for people who have been employed in a EU member country and paid social insurance and taxes from their salary. You have been working in Austria or Germany as an employee and you paid contributions to the social insurance? Now you will move to another EU country? Then it might be possible to transfer your eligibility for unemployment benefit to your next European Country.


23 Jul, 2015  |  Relocation Information

Purchase Power Analysis – how to compare living expenses all over the world

If you are an HR Manager and responsable for Executive/Expat Management, you are responsible to negotiate the fringe benefits and relocation package for your expats, too? You might need a Purchase Power Analyis. Then this Information might be useful: How do you...


21 Jul, 2015  |  Relocation Information

Baby Boomer gehen in Rente!

Baby Boomer gehen in Rente! Fachkräftemangel droht! Eine Riesenlücke entsteht auf dem deutschen Arbeitsmarkt Kennen Sie schon? Ausgelutscht? Dachte ich auch. Doch dann begann ich für eine Konkurrenzanalyse für unser JOBSEEKER Programm zu recherchieren und fand...


21 Jul, 2015  |  Relocation Information

JOBSEEKER Programm 2015

JOBSEEKER Programm 2015 – www.jobseekerprogram.com Werden Sie Firmen-Pate! Soeben hat sich wieder eines unserer Partnerunternehmen registriert, um sich als Firmenpate für unsere Teilnehmer zu präsentieren. Das JOBSEEKER Program bringt Unternehmen, die dringend...