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The JOBSEEKER Program and CV-Checker was presented on Zukunft Personal in Cologne and Jobmesse in Osnabrück

23.09.2015  |  Relocation Information

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The JOBSEEKER Program and our new CV-Checker was presented on Zukunft Personal in Cologne and Jobmesse in Osnabrück

The JOBSEEKER Program connects skilled professionals with hiring companies.

Have you ever been to a Rocky Horror Picture Show and listened to the audience shouting:”Boring!!!”?  I was just this year in January. This “Boring!” comes into my mind when I read in newspapers headlines like: “Germany faces a huge lack of skilled workers…”

Why? Because no author proceeds his articles beyond this. Nobody comes along with an idea about what could be done to face this problem. What is beyond this challenge? Anybody got an idea? YES! WE at MOVES consulting sat down and created something NEW! The JOBSEEKER Program.

White list of job shortage

It is true, Germany faces a lack of skilled workers, both, from the high skilled sector of professionals with a university degree as well as skilled workers who learned their professions from apprenticeships and proof a long term experience in their jobs.

The German as well as the Austrian labor office publishes a so-called white list of job shortages on a yearly basis. This list shows all professions these two countries face a lack in at present.
The JOBSEEKER Program considers this list as its basis and addresses the JOBSEEKER Program to professionals from the MINT sector especially.

Better service through cooperations

We cooperate with the HR departments of companies within the MINT sector as well as we cooperate with HR Providers who specialize in international recruiting. This ensures the whole process is following our set goal: best quality – better service.

I interviewed the HR representatives of some hiring companies. The following examples are a small collection of hiring companies in Northern Germany. They are hiring from all over the world. Read what they do and what jobs they offer for skilled professionals.

Job openings

www.ferchau.de – The whole world of engineering in aerospace

Exciting projects, the latest technologies at AVIATION, you think and work in terms of integrated, all-inclusive engineering processes, in both civil and military aviation and in space travel. We are an integral part of our customers’ development and production processes. This is something that you benefit from, too. (is that from you or copied? The first sentence sounds a bit off)

Experience a variety in a multitude of project areas. With us, you are at the heart of the action. At the major aerospace technology locations in Europe you discover the full variety of AVIATION engineering in constant training on the job, in various sectors and across national boundaries Software Developer training simulation systems.

Present open position in this company:

Contracts Manager for aircraft industry airbus
Design Engineer Aviation
Stress Engineer Aviation
System Engineer Aviation
Specialist Fatigue and Damage Tolerance

www.melos-gmbh.com  We are looking for committed team players.

Whether work experience, research work, beginning or taking the next step in your career: As a market leader, we offer you a world of opportunities, international projects and excellent advancement and development prospects. Both, in the fields of plastics and process engineering, as well as in materials, science and polymer chemistry. Is your strength in business administration or sales? Excellent! Apply now and experience the fascination of rubber!

Present open position in this company:

Industrial Mechanic
Process technician

 www.meurer-group.com – The company we talk about here…

…is one of the leading manufacturers of end-of-line packaging equipment:
In order to extend our innovational lead we need to promote/develop and expand on all levels including our most important resource, our workforce.

If you are interested in playing a part in the development and manufacture of high-quality packaging machines and equipment this page illustrates the current positions available within our international company:

Present open position in this company:

Cutting construction and mechanical design machinery
Electric engineer
Technical System Planning

You are a hiring company and you want to make sure to get the best applicant for your job opening? Give us a call or sign up right away here  SUBSCRIBE and we will connect you to our JOBSEEKER Program.  We connect the right skilled professionals with the right companies.

For Jobseekers: If you are a JOBSEEKER and you want to be sure to get a job like the above metioned, visit our website www.jobseekerprogram.com, subscribe for our mini-course and  order your CV pre-check and get prepared for the German Labor Market.

Read more about our Road Show…

Clients talk MOVES

"The detail, heart and passion that goes into your customers is AMAZING!! You are a true professional and we feel that you are part of our family and that is because you look for ways to help in any way to make us feel comfortable."

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