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Expecting a registered letter?

30.07.2015  |  Relocation Information

 Expecting a registered letter? Did the postman leave a yellow sheet to your po box?

Very often, my expat-clients tell me that they are upset. Because they did not receive any notification about the registered letter that was sent to them by the public authority. Written to them about their work-and-residence permit or registration matters. But they did. They just oversaw that simple papersheet in their mail. This often leads to obstacles with the local authorities. It might happen that you oversaw a due date for registration of gas or elictricity payments – and now are cut off. Or you applied for certain benefits like family benefit and now your application has been rejected. 

It is yellow or orange – a sheet of paper with barely readable written on it….and it is meant to be a public notification of your postman. It says that you received a letter or a package. May be you didn‘t recognize it and threw it into the bin – as you do with all that other paper advertisement you find in your postbox each day. 

MOVES consulting always does its best to support you and created some pictures to show you the regarding postal notifications – and to recognize them the next time you receive it.

1. Notification of a registered letter: take this sheet to your PO Office which is written on the this notification. Show your ID or Passport and the letter will be handed out to you. In moste cases you will receive a letter from the public authority or any other legal letter.

registered letter notfication

2 Notification of a package: Take this sheet to your PO Office and show your ID or Passport. You will be handed out a package.

you got a package!!!


Take care in the future and do not throw these sheets into the bin any more! If you have any questions about it, turn to your next Post Office and ask. The employees will be happy to answer your questions. Or aks our team at www.moves-consulting.com – we are here to help:-)

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