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Social Insurance paid from your salary? How to get money back when the time comes and you will return to your home country.

29.07.2015  |  Relocation Information

Social Insurance Contributions paid from your salary?

We tell you how to get your contributions transferred from Austria or Germany to your home country. 

– transfer of eligibility of unemployment benefit between EU Countries

– transfer pension account payments from Austria or Germany to your home country

– get money back from Austrian „Mitarbeitervorsorgekasse“ = “New Severance Pay“

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Since 1.5.2010 the EU regulation Bi 883/2004 is used for people who have been employed in a EU member country and paid social insurance and taxes from their salary.

You have been working in Austria or Germany as an employee? You paid contributions to the social insurance? Now you will move to another EU country?  Did you know that you are allowed to transfer your eligibility for unemployment benefit to your next European Country?

This link will lead you to a website of the Austrian Labor Office:


It shows the form E301 – complete and submit it to your local labor office.

The labor office will send you a confirmation letter in return. This letter will show the time you spend in Austria as an employee who paid to the social insurance account.

Considered that the next EU Country you move to has a certain contract with the Austrian Government about Social Insurance/Unemployment Benefit, the authority in the respective country will add the months shown on the document to your time you paid social insurance in the country you live later.

Countries that share in the EU regulation:

Finland, France, Greece, Great Britain, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Sweden, Spain as well as the new member countries: Estonia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, CZ´zech Republic, Slowakia, Slowenia, Hungary, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, and since 1.04.20142 Switzerland, as of 1.06.2012 Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein

Contribution to the Austrian or German pension account can be transferred outside EU on request!

As a NON-EU-CITIZEN you can apply for the transfer of your pension payments when you leave the country.
Some countries outside EU have individual agreements with EU countries such as Austria with regard to payments to a pension account. Ask your local authority for the individual process to have your contributions transferred to your individual pension account in your home country

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find a list of countries and their pension offices below the text!

You leave Austria?You want to withdraw your contributions from your “New Severance Pay“

Write a letter to your insurance contract partner for your New Severance Pay. State that you will leave the country, your social insurance number, add your deregistration sheet from the townhall and tell them to please transfer your payments to the account you name them in that letter. Please tell them your contact details of your home country where they can reach you.

After a waiting period of 5 years (some insurances have different periods)you will receive a letter from the insurance that they prepare the payment of the amount and they will want to know whether your account number and contact details are still correct. Answer if yes and they will transfer the money  to your account.

list of countries and their pension offices!


Centrelink International Services


Verbindungsstelle KV Zavod zdravstvenog osiguranje i reosiguranja  Federacije Bosne i Hercegovine Trg. Heroja 14 71000 Sarajevo BOSNIEN und HERZEGOWINAVerbindungsstelle PV Federalni zavod za penzijsko i  invalidsko osiguranje Federalni zavod za mirovinsko i invalidsko osiguranje Mostar Ložionička 2 71000 Sarajevo BOSNIEN und HERZEGOWINA
b) Serbische RepublikVerbindungsstelle KV
Fond zdravstvenog osiguranja
Republike Srpske
Zdrave Korde 8
78000 Banja Luka
Verbindungsstelle PV
Fond za penzijsko i invalidsko osiguranje
Republike Srpske  Centralna Sluzba Bijeljina
Ul. Njegoseva 28A
76000 Bijeljina
76000 Bijeljina
76000 Bijeljina
Casa Natională de Asigurări Sociale
a Republicii Moldova
3, Str. Gheorghe Tudor
2028 Chişinău
2028 Chişinău
2028 ChişinăuMOLDAVA
Caisse Nationale de Assurance Maladie
B.P. nr. 77
1080 Tunis Cedex
Caisse Nationale de Securité Sociale
49, Avenue Taieb M´Hiri
1002 Tunis Belvedere
Colonia 1921 P. 1
11200 Montevideo

Superintendencia de Administradoras de Fonds de Pensiones


National Insurance Institute


Human Resources Development
für Quebec

Regie des rentes du Quebec


Fond na penziskoto i invalidskoto osiguruvanje na Makedonija



Fond PIO Crne Gore


Social Security System


Schweizerische Ausgleichskasse


Republicki fond za penzijsko i invalidsko osiguranje zaposlenih

Zavod za socijalno osiguranje


National Pension Service



Sosyal Sigortalar Kurumu Genel Müdürlügü


Banco de Previsión Social (BPS)


Social-Security Administration (SSA)

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