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Work Permit you need for Germany or Austria!

12.01.2016  |  Relocation Information

Very often I get the question asked: How can I obtain a work permit for Germany or for Austria?

There are several ways and several kinds of permits which allow skilled professionals to work in Germany or in Austria.


Which one would be the right one for you depends on the circumstances you face:

  • You are from the HR and consider a deployment of your employees to either one of these two countries?
  • You are looking for information yourself and already have a job offer?
  • You are looking for a job in Germany or in Austria yourself?

European Countries worked on a huge immigration law reformation since the early 2000. The new law came into effect in Germany in 2012 and in Austria in 2011, called:

Blue Card EU – Germany

Red-White-Red Card – Austria

A number of sub-categories refer to the individual conditions, a candidate would have to meet in order to be eligible to apply for one of these work permits. Generally all permits focus on skilled worker and especially on those professions that are listed on the socalled white list of job shortages. This means, there is not enough skilled personnel available in the labor market to cover the demand. The list is published on a yearly basis by the Labor Office of each Country. We publish this list in our blog and social medias.

If you are a skilled professional and if you meet the visa requirements of the local immigration authority you will be eligible to apply for a work permit.

When explaining work and residence permits it is vital to point out that we are talking about the initial application for a work and residence permit.

# 1 you need a job offer before you can apply for a work permit.

# 2 you as well as the hiring company, has to proof that no local professional can cover this job. This will be done during the application process by the local labor office. This is a standard procedure.

# 3 the applicant/employee hast o submit a list of documents requested by the local immigration authority.

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Depending on the applicant’s home country, the application process may vary.

In nearly each case you can find information on the website of the ministry for immigration or on the website of the respective embassy in your home country or you work with relocation companies like MOVES consulting and get professional support through your application process.

Read more about the indiviudal kinds of visa in the following posts:

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