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Will your professional certification be approved?

06.03.2016  |  Relocation Information

Will your professional certification be approved, if you were looking for a job abroad?

Beside our core business Relocation Management and Destination Service, MOVES consulting also provides  a special program for trailing Expat Partners or skilled Professionals. In this program we support our clients with executive coaching and career management – called Design Your Career.

Within the last weeks it happened that some of my clients complaint about the same issue: Despite of being extremely high educated they could not succeed in finding a job. One client was an experienced dental assistant, the second was a high skilled Medical Assistant, and the third client worked as a skilled social care worker.

In this case it happened that all of them studied and learned their jobs in Germany. They were looking for a job abroad.

Wwhat’s going wrong here? So many companies, practices and hospitals that are looking for skilled professionals? The applicants found lots of Job adverts for medical assisting personal. They had to learn that their diploma and their experience was not acknowledgement and approved in the focussed country?

There is a simple reason for this, because there is a huge difference between an enrolled Nurse and a state approved Nurse, for expample. Skills, knowledge and duties differ.Numerous professions are taught different in many countries. The content of professional educations differ in many countries.

Sadly but true: most of the jobseekers neglect to consider the fact that their professional title happens to change as soon as they leave their home country.  At the same time they even risk to lose the approval of their certification. Sometimes authorities in the country you want to work in asks you to pass an extra exam, to „upgrade“ your skills with another seminar etc. So, make sure that you have any information about how your profession is called in the country you are heading for. Take the curriculum of your education from home and compare it to the certificate/license or degree abroad.

The above mentioned professions for example would allow a German employee higher quality and more responsible duties than to an Austrian employee. But of course there are also professions that would allow an Austrian Professional higher responsible jobs than a German.

Sometimes the difference is just, because in one country you visit a College to learn a certain profession awhereas in other countries the educational system provides apprenticeships for that profession.

If you plan therefore to look for a job abroad, make sure that your qualification corresponds to those required for the job.

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