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Relocation Program

Coming from abroad, the new employee must familiarize himself with new tenancy laws, deadlines for the enrolment of children in schools or kindergarten etc. It is difficult to find out which authority is responsible for what, or even which are the best or cheapest service providers for TV, Internet and telecommunications.

It can be very disappointing if an employee you have been waiting a long time for, soon becomes stressed or annoyed, and leaves the company because he feels he has been left alone to deal with his problems. Frequently this is one of the main reason why companies no longer wish to recruit employees from abroad.

Relocation Program

Our relocation consultants take care of all the crucial details during the immigration process to ensure a successful outcome and satisfied clients.

We offer the following services for our clients:

  • help in finding a suitable apartment
  • assistance with the official registration
  • provide information and support on the school and kindergarten enrolment
  • counseling regarding suitable health and property insurance
  • help with the exchange of the driver's license, if necessary

When searching for apartments we provide in advance a brochure on the local housing market and rental statistics, and we accompany your employees in the process.

We prepare all official applications and registrations such as tax number, energy suppliers, Internet, TV, public transport etc. One of our school advisors will assist with the difficult task of choosing new schools and then will accompany parents and children to the new school. We work together with our proven team of brokers to optimize insurance coverage. We explain the processes regarding cars and driver's license etc., and help clear the way through the authorities jungle.

A prepared "nest" spares everyone involved a lot of stress and effort, thus allowing the new employee to concentrate and reach their full potential from the first day.

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