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News from the Austrian Immigration Authority

13.10.2020  |  Application, European Visas, Helpful, Relocation Information

We would like to inform our customers about the following current news:

- Regulations for the issue of residence cards after the applicants' entry

- Entry formalities for applicants from risk countries

- Language certificate for Indian citizens

- Delays in the processing of applications with the Austrian immigration authorities

- Employees may need support from our Coach during Corona Crisis

Corona has us all firmly in its grip

Rules for the issue of residence cards upon entry of applicants

As soon asan applicant has entered EU with a Visa D, a copy of the entry stamp, Visa D as well as a negative Covid test can be used to apply for a fingerprint check. It takes on average 5 working days for the card to be issued by the authorities and then sent to the applicant by registered mail.

The receipt of the card entitles the employee to register with the social security authorities in order to be able to start work.

Entry Formalities for Applicants from Risk-Countries

Important! Third-country nationals who were allowed to enter the country without a visa before the pandemic came into effect are now required to apply for a Visa D in order to be able to submit their application for a residence and work permit in Austria. The collection of issued residence permits is also exclusively done with Visa D. Here we are happy to shorten the waiting time by handling the submission of your applications on your behalf. Here you will find the link to the corresponding legal text on RIS.at

Citizens from risk areas are generally required to present a negative corona test, not older than 72 hours. Alternatively, the citizen would have to go into quarantine for 14 days.

Language certificate for Indian citizens

Recently there is a new regulation of the Austrian Labor Market Service, Department of Employment of Foreigners. Applications for Red-White-Red cards from Indian citizens must present at least one English language certificate if they do not achieve the required number of points. The English language is no longer automatically scored.

Delays in processing applications with the Austrian immigration authorities

"What went wrong?" "Why did it take longer this time?"

Unfortunately, the processing times with the responsible authorities are unexpectedly long. The staff is extremely motivated and hard at work, but sometimes there are so-called backloads and ambiguities in the interpretation of the regulations. All effects of the Corona crisis.

Unfortunately, as a service provider we cannot predict this and, as you are used to, we continue to try to find solutions as quickly as possible for requirements that surprise us all.

Last but not least: Depressive moods and psychological symptoms of employees during the Corona crisis - we help!

Psychologists and therapists can confirm what the opinion research institute SORA has collected in a study in recent months. It was determined what influence the Covid crisis has on the mental health of the population. After 6 months of the Covid crisis, a large part of the population already shows clear symptoms of stress and depression, up to trauma symptoms.

MOVES consulting has therefore expanded its portfolio and integrated our "Expat Coaching and Counseling" into www.lebensberatung1080wien.at. In our consulting practice we are part of a joint practice with different approaches and objectives.

Would you like to support your employees in your company so that they can cope with the current situation more easily? I am a business coach and a certified lif counsellor. I am always available to your employees for appointments. Feel free to contact me for general agreements and tariffs.

We will be happy to help you keep processing times as short as possible by

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