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Immigration Consultants:
How it all started?

Born in Germany, I followed my childhood dream of living and working abroad. I had a few countries short-listed including Holland, France and England. However, after careful consideration I decided on Austria; and a job with a Forwarding Agent was waiting for me.

My start in Vienna was not as smooth as I had hoped for; everything was different. Also, I had succumbed to a common misconception that sharing the same language would mean sharing the same culture. Not knowing anyone and having nobody to ask for advice was tough and exhausting.

Despite this, my partner Markus recognized my vast skills and experience and encouraged me to use my diverse expertise to start a business: MOVES consulting was born.

Due to my own life experiences it has become very important for me to support people who would like to relocate abroad for their job.

I know it is vital for them to do things in the right way and in the correct order to find their way through this seemingly unmanageable jungle.

The MOVES consultants network has grown far beyond the German-speaking region. Today we work with local consultants in all economic centers and provincial cities of Germany and Austria, Japan, USA and many other countries.

We support companies and their highly qualified candidates from all over the world.

We professionally relocate these personnel in their host country properly and legally, including their work and residence permits; thus helping them and their employers make a successful start to their new lives.

Kornelia Epping
Founder / CEO
Moves Consulting

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