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Travel & Liability Insurance + Extended Cover

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Care Economy Insurance in Germany

Who is eligible for cover: The Care Economy international policy is tailored to the needs of foreign guests and visitors within the European Union (EU) and the Schengen States. Health insurance for foreign nationals can be taken out up to the insured’s 75th birthday and has a maximum duration of two years.

What are the insurance benefits: The benefits cover outpatient, inpatient and dental treatment by all licensed physicians worldwide at the normal local fees. The provided insurance cover complies with all the requirements for a Schengen-Visa made by the requirements of Regulation (EC) No 810/2009 of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union by 07/13/2009. Care Economy international health insurance also covers the host, in particular, against most financial risks of a formal obligation (Verpflichtungserklärung). A combination with Care Protector accident/liability policy reduces the remaining risks from a formal obligation significantly.

What does the insurance cost: The premium for the Care Economy international insurance depends on the duration and age. For those between 0 and 64 years old, the total premium for 30 days, for example, amounts to one time EUR 30.90.

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Welcome-to-Austria Insurance

Are you planning a trip to Austria? Or do you expect guests from abroad?

With Welcome-to-Austria, a travel health and liability insurance policy, you or your foreign guests – including those with visa requirements in particular – are ideally protected in event of emergencies in Austria and the other Schengen states.

Overview of benefits:

  • Travel health insurance abroad including transport home
  • Travel personal liability
  • Either including or excluding winter sports risk
  • Accepted by the Austrian Embassies worldwide as proof of health insurance for Visa requirements

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If the trip falls through

A lot can happen before a trip begins. Cancellation+Cover covers the costs if you are forced to unexpectedly cancel your trip for example due to a sudden, severe illness by a family member. Cancellation+Cover also covers your return costs if you have to stop your trip early.

Overview of benefits:

  • Trip cancellation: with extended reasons for cancellation
  • Trip interruption

Your „plus“: In the Cancellation+Cover, more than 20 further reasons for cancellation are covered in addition to the usual reasons.

We recommend Cancellation+Cover so your holiday savings don’t go to waste.

You can find all product information in info sheet incl. conditions (pdf)