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MOVES consulting presented Relocation Service and JOBSEEKER Program at „Zukunft Personal“ and „Jobmesse“

23.09.2015  |  Relocation Information


MOVES consulting presented their Relocation Service  and JOBSEEKER Program at „Zukunft Personal“ and „Jobmesse“.

I am back from Germany and I am very proud to say that my latest Road Show for MOVES consulting was a big success. I met my business partners, some new clients and I was invited to present our Relocation Service and JOBSEEKER Program on the Career Fair Zukunft Personal in Cologne and Jobmesse in Osnabrück. Numerous HR representatives from the MINT sector discussed with us:

 International Assignment Programs….

….need a professional Relocation Policy as a guide line through these challenging times.

During our Road Show we met some representatives of SMEs from Lower Saxony and North Rhine Westphalia. Special issue was: expanding business across borders and sending employees abroad. Do we need a Relocation Policy for this?

SME expand business across borders

More and more SME in Lower Saxony expand their businesses across the borders. It is the first time they face the situation to assign one of their managers abroad. They reach out for the markets of China, South Americas and some African Countries.

Consider a Relocation Policy as your guide-line

A Relocation Policy represents a guide-line or user manual. It contains the instructions for immigration frame work, which announcements must be made in terms of social insurance, which labor law must be observed and it serves as a guide through contract law, employment and assignment regulations. All in regard to international assignments, both, across Europe as well as worldwide.

A Relocation Policy also contains all items regarding destination service for any kind of expatriation. MOVES consulting established a certain database for its clients which allows them to calculate housing costs and living expenses in comparison between their headquarter and the destination country.

Relocation Service Provider help saving your money

Especially for SME a Relocation Policy is a helpful guide-line as a kind of starter-kit. Having a Relocation Policy established from a professional Relocation Service Provider might be much cheaper than assignments that fail due to unknown and unexpected incidents.

It is vital, that a SME works with experienced service providers who know both: the local German market, culture and mentality as well as those of the focused one (what are the focused one?). Very often, we are asked: Do you cover this country as well? – Yes! We do! And beyond simply doing Relocation Service we cover the whole circle from immigration to registration, followed by destination service and completed but not finished by additional services from tax advisors or health insurance providers.

We are proud to announce that at present we face the next project for establishing a Relocation Policy for one of our clients. We will keep you updated….:-)

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