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Brexit! Can I continue to live in Austria?

08.01.2020  |  European Visas

I am a British citizen. Can I continue to live in the EU?

The following applies to all EU countries. MOVES consulting specialises in Germany and Austria, therefore we talk about these 2 countries specially: 

In the event of an orderly Brexit, the withdrawal agreement between the EU and the United Kingdom regulates, among other things, the further right of residence of British nationals residing in Austria and their family members in the chapter on civil rights. Until the end of the transition period (December 31, 2020), the EU legal framework remains applicable to the United Kingdom. Therefore, there will be no changes to the right of residence for British nationals and their family members until the end of the transition phase. This means that they can continue to live, work and study in the EU and switch between these residence statuses. As previously, UK citizens moving to Austria must apply for a registration certificate with the authority responsible under the Settlement and Residence Act within 4 months after their arrival in Austria. A switch to a certificate of permanent residence will continue to be possible. Third-country national family members need a residence card and can obtain a permanent residence card – as before Brexit.

After the end of the transition period, it will be necessary to apply for documentation of further residence rights on the basis of the Withdrawal Agreement. In any case, the application will be possible up to 6 months after the end of the transition phase (i.e. at least until the end of June 2021). This application will also have to be submitted to the authority responsible under the Settlement and Residence Act.  In Austria this is the state governor (Landeshauptmann), the magistrate (Bürgermeister - Magistrat) or the district government (Bezirkshauptmann). In Germany this is the Immigration department of the respective City or County. 

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